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About Us

The mission of Know Your Neighbor Woburn is to build beloved, multicultural community in the City of Woburn, Massachusetts
and the surrounding region. This mission is accomplished by producing, hosting, organizing, and sponsoring friendly
and welcoming events for Woburn Neighbors to get to know each other across its many multicultural and faith communities.
Organizers, volunteers and Board members are a diverse and multicultural group of activists who are dedicated
to growing equity, diversity, inclusion, and belonging in our community.
Know Your Neighbor Woburn events strive to celebrate our rich ethnic and cultural heritage.  They center on a broad
and inclusive range of people and cultures featuring music, food, dance, art, speaking programs, poetry,
storytelling, and activities representing and reflecting the diversity of the community.  
Approximately 2,000 people have attended these events to date, and attendance has been a broad
representation of the city’s diverse and multicultural communities. 


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